About Us

Jawab Consultants is a Dubai Based Consultancy  Services Company Established in 2018. We Offer Tailored Consultancy Services to Upscale Businesses. We Are Thriving Economists Assisting Companies to Become More Innovative, Efficient and Productive.


Faris Ali

Academics: Faris is the first Masters graduate with distinction from a UAE based accredited institution in the field of Innovation & Entrepreneurship. He also holds a Bachelor degree in Economics from Griffith University in Australia. He is certified in Macroeconomics by the University of California, Irvine.

Experience: Faris has occupied several government positions as an Economist. He worked in Economic Policy Planning & Foreign Aid. He was chosen for several top government initiatives related to Economics & Policy Making. Faris has also run a number of businesses in both Competitive & Emerging spaces.



Ahmed Alturbak

Expertise: Economic Research and Analysis, Strategy

Academics: Ahmed has obtained both Bachelor and Masters degree from reputable universities in the United Kingdom, majoring in Economics, Finance and Investment.

Experience: Ahmed is an experienced economist who started his professional career at the Supreme Economic Council of Saudi Arabia, before working in the management consulting as well as the private equity space. Alturbak also spent 3 years working at the World Bank’s HQ in Washington D.C. focusing on the GCC countries. He also advised multiple UAE public institutions on multiple macroeconomics and growth, policy and strategy, and investment and trade related issues.

Humaid Kanji

Expertise: Environmental Economics

Academics: Humaid holds a Master’s Degree in Finance from Zayed University

Experience: Humaid has over 7 years experience as an Environmental Economist. He also worked as an Statiscian and in the field of Road & Transport.


Alwafaa Group

Scope: Information Technology Services

Brief: alwafaa Group is a leading Information Technology Services in Dubai. They provide a wide range of services, ranging from Website Designing & Development, Hosting Services, Digital Marketing, to Software & Mobile App Development.

Our Vision

To Be a Regional Reference in the Fields of Economic & Innovation Consultancy.

Our Mission

Introduce Innovations that Facilitate the Creation of Value in Economies & Provide Intact Economic Analysis to Help in the Induction of Better Policies.

Our purpose

To Provide Quality & Value Adding Consultancy Services with the Use of Latest Economic Insights & Innovation Strategics

Our Values

Ethics, Credibility, Dedication & Determination.